I am currently involved in three overlapping areas of professional activity.


Director and Co-founder of Whitehead, Lee & Associates Co. Ltd: international consultancy providing business-education solutions for international and private schools


Trainer and Co-founder for Total Inclusivity professional development for international and private schools; incorporating anti-racism training, LGBT+ awareness, and identity safeguarding for school communities


Lead Writer and Co-founder of Educational Digest International: Monthly journal offering summaries of research into international education plus original insights into the changing world of international schools


Finally, for fun and interest, I answer questions on Quora:

In early 2017 I started answering questions on Quora. What began as a hobby, an occasional activity to satisfy my creative and writing energies, quickly blossomed into something bigger. For long periods during 2018 and 2019 I was answering 25 to 50 questions a day. So many, in fact, that Quora would often ask me to slow down!

But the questions kept coming. And even while my answering rate has now diminished to a trickle, they still keep coming.

I have now answered approximately 10,500 questions (yes, TEN THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED!), attracted nearly 1000 followers, and had over 3.5 million answer views. The answer views continue to increase at the rate of around 70,000 a month.

You can access my quora profile here: